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Central Cascade Precision-Training
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Owner/Instructor Bio

Caylen Wojcik began his career in the United States Marine Corps in 1997.  He joined the Marine Corps with the goal of becoming a Marine Scout/Sniper.  After completing an overseas deployment as a basic infantryman he passed the rigorous selection process for the Scout/Sniper program.  Within months of being accepted into the program he graduated the 1st Marine Division Scout/Sniper School in 1999 and attained the coveted Military Occupational Specialty 8541.  During the following year Caylen participated in a multitude of training events and formal school instruction leading to another overseas deployment as a Scout/Sniper Team Leader.  These schools focused on advanced sniper marksmanship skills, surgical shooting and executing scout/sniper missions in urban environments.

Upon returning from a second overseas deployment, Caylen was selected to become an instructor at the Scout/Sniper Basic Course at Camp Pendleton, California in 2001.  While here Caylen provided instruction in all areas of scout/sniper skills and undertook the position as chief marksmanship instructor.  In the course of three years he assisted in the training of over 300 US Marine Scout/Snipers along with US Navy SEALís and US Army Rangers.  Other areas of instruction included providing custom training to various local law enforcement agencies to include Santa Monica Police Department SWAT, California Highway Patrol SWAT, and San Diego County Sheriff SWAT.

In 2004 Caylen was transferred to the 1st Marine Regiment and assigned as the Chief Sniper of 3rd Battalionís Scout/Sniper Platoon and began training for a deployment to the Anbar Province of Iraq.  During this deployment the platoon as a whole executed hundreds of scout/sniper missions and participated in Operation Phantom Fury, a full-scale assault on the insurgent held city of Fallujah.  During this operation Caylen was severely wounded by enemy rocket fire.  After being medevaced back to the United States, Caylen underwent the long process of reconstruction and recovery.   During this recovery process Caylen was again selected for instructor duties at the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, Special Operations Training Group.  Here he provided skills in curriculum development and administered instruction at the Urban Sniper and Reconnaissance and Surveillance courses.  His students included US Marines, US Navy SEALís and local law enforcement agencies.  It was in 2005 that his injury ended his career as a United States Marine.

At his end of active service Caylen moved to Yakima, Washington taking a job as a steel fabricator.  He began to teach marksmanship intermittently at High Desert Special Operations Center in Hawthorne, Nevada.  Students included components of the US Marine Reserve, US Marine Reconnaissance units and private security personnel.  Caylen has competed in various shooting disciplines to include the International Defensive Pistol Association, United States Practical Shooting Association, as well as participating in the US National Matches held at Camp Perry, Ohio.